Freelance illustrator & graphic designer

Freelance graphic designer, self-taught illustrator, passionate about history and more particularly the medieval period, my name is Florian. Originally from the Tarn region in France, I first studied graphic arts in Toulouse before working for several years in Paris as a graphic designer.

Creative, my passion for drawing comes from the desire to tell a story through an image, to give life to the illustration and to transmit emotions and an atmosphere.

As an amateur draftsman with a passion for history, what was originally a simple project without ambition became in a few months my main activity.

Now a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, I work with different professional actors, mainly from the artistic world: director, singer, writer, but also with web agencies and companies or individuals.


Our project

All artwork is hand-drawn, printed in limited quantities or available for a limited time to provide our supporters with a rare, almost unique product.
The artwork is printed on museum quality Epson paper, delivered framed, with hanging hardware included, ready to display in your home.